Nano Overflow Box Complete Kit
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Everything needed to install a quiet, safe overflow in your nano or other low flow tank. Click here for our installation video featuring all of your favorite stars from Alpha Centauri to Zeta Bootis.

Please note that teeth are not available nor does this box have our patented baffle system. If you would like a box with a baffle, please select our super nano box.

Bulkhead strainers do not work inside our boxes. This box measures 3.25 x 3.25 x 2 inches and is rated for 200 gph max. Use the 'Delete Holesaw' option if you have an acrylic aquarium or do not need an aquarium holesaw.  Recommended continuous flow rate 1-150 gph. These are typically used in tanks from 0-15 gallons. Please note that teeth are not available for this box.

Requires 2 1/2" from the wall to the tank for plumbing.

Nano Overflow Box Complete Kit

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