Swing Check Valve
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Swing Check Valve - 3/4 inch FPT x 3/4 inch FPT Information

Description: 3/4" Clear FPT Swing Check Valve
Size: 3/4" FPT x 3/4" FPT

Designed to be used any place where you want to stop backflow and siphoning. These are among the highest quality check valves to be found. Relative to other types and manufacturers of check valves, there is minimal pressure loss.
No Metallic parts, corrosion resistant
Full Flow design
Angle seat and weighted flapper design for low pressure seal
PVC weighted and shielded flapper will retain backpressure up to 125 PSI
Ideal for close working areas, easy pipe alignment
Designed for both horizontal and vertical usage
Pressure rated 125 PSI @ 72ºF tension

Swing Check Valve - 3/4 inch FPT x 3/4 inch FPT

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