Eheim Jager TruTemp Heater

Fully Submersible, Fully Waterproof and UL Certified Heater suitable for both fresh and salt water aquarium set ups featuring TrueTemp technology
TruTemp dial with readjustment ring allows the user to calibrate the heater for a precise temperature reading
Thermo safety control - enables running dry protection; heater will shut off when out of water
Made of shatter-proof glass
Precise temperature regulation
Extra long cable of 5'6"
Includes clamp with 2 suction cups
Simple and safe recalibration (+/- 2 degrees)
Made in Germany - For Fresh and Saltwater

Tank Size               Power Needed
7–16 gallons          50 watt
16–26 gallons        75 watt
26–40 gallons        100 watt
40–53 gallons        125 watt
53–79 gallons        150 watt
79–106 gallons      200 watt
106–159 gallons    250 watt

HeatersModel 3611 - 3619

Instructions Manual:

Spare Parts Diagram:

Eheim Jager TruTemp 50 Watt Fully Submersible UL Approved Heater

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