1.5 inch Ultra Flex PVC Pipe

1 1/2 Inch EZ-Flow Flexible PVC Pipe/ ft

EZ-Flow Flexible PVC is 40% more flexible than standard flex pipe. Flexible PVC can simplify your plumbing as it allows you to bend and curve around pumps, filters and other obstructions. It retains its large inside diameter and helps to avoid the need of elbows so that water flow is not impeded. This will increase efficiency and reduce the amount the fittings required to help you get the most out of your pump. It is also resistant to both UV and ozone. Flexible PVC can be glued into standard PVC fittings using standard PVC glue.  This is not to be used with insert (barb) fittings.

Stylistic Specifications:
Made in the USA
ISO 9001 Certified
Color: Black
Operational Specifications
Outside Diameter Tolerance: +/- .006"
Temperature Range: -10F to 125F
True Schedule 40 rigid PVC Spiral Resists Crushing and Impact
FDA Non-Toxic Formulation
Please Note: Price is per foot.  Modify the cart quantity to increase the length of your tubing. Lengths greater than 50ft will come in two sections. Tubes are cut to size on a per-order basis and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. We apologize for any inconvenience.

1 1/2" EZ-Flow Flexible PVC Pipe/ ft

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